Make Sure You Get a Fair Offer for Your Property

Under eminent domain, the government can seize private property for public use. However, the government must provide compensation. If you're concerned that the initial offer for your property was too low, contact Cofield Law in Houston, TX to request eminent domain property valuation services.

The Process

Initial Offer - Must wait 30 days before making Final Offer
  • Initial offer may include an appraisal from TxDOT
  • Contact an Attorney to determine if TxDOT is giving you the offer that you are entitled to
  • Eminent domain lawyers work with experienced condemnation appraisers to determine the best value for your property
Final Offer - Must wait 14 days before filing a lawsuit
  • TxDOT must include an appraisal if not included in the initial offer
  • Can occur before the the lawsuit is filed

What happens next?
  • If no offer is accepted and the parties do not reach a settlement, then TxDOT must file a condemnation petition and name all landowners, lenders, tenants, and easement holders
  • The Court will appoint Three Special Commissioners to hear the arguments of the landowner, TxDOT, and expert witnesses to determine the value of the property.
  • Once a value is set, TxDOT will pay the award and then start working on the project.
  • But, the landowner and TxDOT each have 20 days to object to the value of the property set by the Special Commissioners.
  • If either party objects, then the landowner and TxDOT will prepare for trial to determine the value of the property.

To make sure that you get the best value for your property, call (832) 380-4928 or schedule a consultation.

Growth has become synonymous with Houston.

However, as Houston continues to grow, sometimes land is taken from businesses and homeowners under eminent domain law.

Now, let's talk about eminent domain. It's a fancy term for when the government can take private land for public use. Eminent domain has been used in the past to take people's homes and businesses for transportation projects.

For example, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has received approval to expand interstate highway 45 (I-45) to fix the transportation issues and make things easier for residents. The problem is that this project might displace hundreds of homes and businesses in Harris County.

If your property is close to I-45, I-10, I-69, or Texas highways 288 or 59, it may be on the radar for the expansion project, and the law of eminent domain could come into play.

If your home or business is at risk because of this expansion, and you're unsure what to do, come see us for a free consultation and allow us to fight to protect your property from eminent domain.

PROTECT your legacy by getting the most value for your land during condemnation.

- Eminent domain and condemnation can be burdensome, but we determined to help you Protect your land by holding the government accountable for their actions.

​​​​​​​- To best serve you and PROTECT your interests, allow us to review the offer letter for FREE before you accept any offer or decide to represent yourself before the Special Commissioners.

Please bring any relevant documents, such as the initial offer, to your appointment so we can calculate the fair market value for your property. Call 832-380-4928 now to set up a meeting with our eminent domain lawyer. Initial consultations are free.